Dividing Your Assets, Including Your House

Cindy Best

Arizona is a community property state. Everything you and your spouse have accumulated during your marriage is presumed community, unless you owned it prior to marriage, you acquired it by will, or you bought it with your sole and separate money. What happens if you put your husbands’ name on your sole and separate bank account after marriage? What happens if you put your wife’s name on the house you owned prior to marriage? These are tough questions and worth the time and money to discuss with an experienced family law attorney. If you need to sell a community house, you can put it on the market and split the net equity 50-50. 

While getting your house ready to sell you will want to improve the curb appeal and fix any major issues prior to listing. For an inexpensive refresh, consider painting both the exterior and the interior. ,To minimize the stress and hassle of painting you can call a company like WOW 1 Day Painting, who will get your house painted quickly.  And, make sure you get an experienced realtor. You can also choose to buy your spouse out of his or her interest and pay them with a refinance deal. So, there are as many ways to split the assets are there are families. Keep the general rule in mind and after that you can actually decide whatever you think is fair. You can make whatever agreements the two of believe is equitable. 

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