If you bungle raising your children, not much else you do in life really matters. ~Jackie Onassis


I came home from school and the house was really quiet. I put my backpack on the dining room table. There was a gloom in the air that I did not understand. The house seemed eerie. Then I saw my mom and dad sitting in the living room. My mom sat on the short couch near the window and my dad sat on the big couch by the porch.

“Christopher,” my mom said. Her voice sounded odd. “Will you go upstairs and get your sister, please?” I told her that I would, so I started up the stairs to tell my sister to come down to the living room. My sister was reading a book on her bed and I told her that Mom wanted her downstairs. We slowly walked down the steps. It was like there was dread in the air. When we got to the living room, my mom asked us to sit down. We did. My mom started speaking but I could barely hear her. She kept speaking anyway and my head started to spin. “Your father and I are getting a divorce,” she told us. My father added that yes, they were getting a divorce. I know they kept talking, but I could not keep listening. I ran from one couch to the other, back and forth, yelling “No, no, no.” I think my sister was crying.

I did know one thing. My life as I knew it had ended when I was 5 years old. My life would never be the same again. (By Christopher, age 10)