Dress the Part

Dress the Part

You want to be taken seriously when you are in the courtroom, right? First, dress the part. When you see a judge in court, you want to present yourself so that the judge knows this is a very important matter to you. We always request that our clients show up to court looking professional.

Women should dress nicely, with either a suit or other dressy clothes. We often tell our clients to dress like they are going to church. Do not wear jeans, low-cut blouses or shorts. As for shoes, do not wear flip-flops or tennis shoes; nice sandals or heels are fine.

Men should wear a suit with a tie. While we know you may not even own a suit, your court hearings are important and you want to start out with a good impression. If you absolutely cannot get or borrow a suit, we recommend nice pants with a blazer or sport coat and tie. Again, men should not wear jeans, sweatpants, jogging suits or shorts. As for men’s shoes, do not wear flip-flops, sandals or tennis shoes.

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Most importantly, be on time! There is nothing that will annoy a judge more than tardiness. If an emergency arises and you know you will be late, we recommend that you call the court to let them know exactly what is going on. First, know which courthouse you are assigned to. Please refer to Appendix...

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