Document Preparation by an Attorney

Document Preparation by an Attorney

Another option in preparing for divorce is to have Best Law Firm draft your documents for a flat fee (see If you are interested in this type of service, we provide potential clients with a Divorce Coach questionnaire and we  canwe can  complete  the  necessary  documents  for  filing  pertinent  to  your

specific situation, often within 24 hours. Our document preparation is handled by attorneys who understand the legal requirements of your case.

Also, if you have any questions, you can call our office and speak with an attorney specifically about your case and your needs. A free consultation (up to one hour) comes with the flat fee package for your initial document preparation. Another option is to pay for hour long attorney consultations as needed. Note: once you consult with an attorney, that same attorney cannot act as a mediator in your case, because that would be a conflict of interest. Any case can be mediated, even though one or both parties hashave an attorney.

Why Come to Us?

Individuals often come to us after trying to do it alone or after experiencing a court disaster. But some mistakes cannot be undone.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can handle your situation on your own. Do-It-Yourself forms make legal matters seem very simple. Unfortunately, there are many dangers to using these template legal forms. Because of the potential dangers, there are several reasons why people should come to an attorney to have their legal documents prepared:

  1. You are held to the standard of an attorney when you deal with the legal system.
  2. You simply do not know what you do not know, and not knowing can lead to costly mistakes that can haunt you for years.
  3. You may think that you understand the forms, but you may not understand the legal significance of what you are doing and the long-term effects it can have. A form cannot anticipate future problems and provide protection. A form cannot counsel you about additional legal documents you may need.
  4. Non-lawyers who prepare documents cannot give you legal advice, suggest strategies, or advise you about your rights.

As experienced attorneys, we are able to provide the guidance you need to avoid problems. Our clients benefit from peace of mind, knowing an experienced attorney is preparing their legal documents and answering their questions, without the high costs associated with a lawyer who does everything.

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