Decision-Making Thoughts

Decision-Making Thoughts

Do not let your children become your battleground. If you and your spouse are good parents, everything can be worked out. These admonishments do not apply to the parents who find themselves in the ugly predicament dealing with domestic violence, child abuse, drug abuse or mental disorders. Those parents may need to fight to protect their children. This book and these comments are not directed to those tragic situations. Help can be found at our website, through an attorney, at a domestic violence website or through legal aid for those difficult, contested cases.

Interest Of The Child

© Marsha K. Moore


What is in the best interest of the child 

Parents fighting in the home

When one decides to roam 

Parents fighting when they split 

When they no longer give a shit

Parents playing the child one against the other

Teaching the child there’s no value in being a father or a mother


Or is it simply

Parents being the best that they can be 

Speaking to one another cordially

Parents setting aside their differences they feel 

To show their child what is truly real

Parents’ being what is necessary to be

To make the child’s life happy and healthy


The ‘best interest’ is

That the child grows up to be the best that they can be 

Will that be to handle things in a way of hurt or harmony 

The bottom line is

We should want them to grow up to be great

Don’t let your hurtful ways decide their fate


So when it comes to what is in the best interest of the child

Be the parent that shows them you can make it thru the trials 

Being the father or the mother

That puts the needs of the child’s before any other

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