Before Heading Into the Courtroom

Before Heading Into the Courtroom

Most importantly, be on time! There is nothing that will annoy a judge more than tardiness. If an emergency arises and you know you will be late, we recommend that you call the court to let them know exactly what is going on.

First, know which courthouse you are assigned to. Please refer to Appendix D for a list of the four courthouses in Maricopa County and other county courthouses.

There are judges with the same last names at different courthouses. Also, make sure that you know which court personnel or judge you are going to see. If you are unsure which judge or courthouse location you are assigned, you may check your paperwork or case status at:

When you get to the courthouse, see the directory of judges’ names posted outside of their courtrooms. Once you reach the courtroom, read the signs outside the door of the court. Some judges ask that you buzz in on an intercom to let the clerk know that you have arrived. The location of the intercom is on the sign that tells you to call into the court. If you head into the courtroom prior to your scheduled time, be quiet, because there is likely another case ahead of yours. The courts are very busy these days and they try to fit many hearings into one day. This is why it is helpful if you are not distracting to the judge, the court staff or the other litigants when you enter the courtroom.

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A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. ~Wayne Gretzsky To begin, you must know why you are going into court. The best way to determine this is to read the court’s “minute entry.” A minute entry is the court’s information and...

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