Advantages of Mediation

Advantages of Mediation

The Family

Best Interests of the Children:

Mediation is designed to help parents focus on the best interests of the children. The mediation process helps the parties remain aware that despite their differences that brought them to the mediation process, they must continue to communicate for the sake of their child. The mediation process will preserve the parties’ relationship, which will benefit the child in the future years. It is also important to recognize future issues that might arise, and put a mechanism in place that will prevent future litigation.

Custom-tailored Agreements:

The relaxed atmosphere of mediation allows for creative settlements that are tailored to the parties’ individualized circumstances. Mediation permits the parties, rather than the court, to control the outcome of their case. The tailored agreements typically  result from both parties’ determination of how they will share their children, how they will make major decisions concerning their children, who will pay child support and how much, and how to equitably divide property and debts.

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Desire to compromise and find a resolution Act in good faith Listen calmly to other party, even if you disagree with their statements Stay professional and considerate of other parties’ statements Conduct good communication with other party and mediator Have an active role in the decision-making process Full disclosure of all debts, assets and information...

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