What is a Child Support Worksheet and How is Child Support Determined?

June 8, 2012 Cindy Best

The second required document is a child support worksheet. Within this form, there are various boxes to input information such as your income and parenting time with the children. There are other factors that are also taken into consideration in determining this amount. The Child Support Worksheet will calculate who pays child support and how much mother or father shall pay in child support. Although you are able to access this form on the court’s website, we have provided this worksheet on our website for you to download. Please be advised that the court’s final determination may differ from your generated worksheet, but the worksheet should give you an idea of how much child support you will have to pay.

There are two huge factors that determine a child support obligation: each parent’s gross wages and each parent’s parenting time with the child. On the other hand, there are other factors that will give a parent “credit” on his or her side of the child support worksheet. These factors include whether either parent has another child from a previous marriage, has health insurance, pays spousal maintenance or child support or pays daycare expenses, among others.


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