Child Support Factors to Establish Child Support

September 26, 2013 Cindy Best



? Monthly salary of each parent
? Age of children
? Parenting time
? Day care costs
? Medical insurance
? Extracurricular expenses
? Number of other children not common to the marriage

Affidavit of Financial Information
Every case with children must have a document filed called an Affidavit of Financial Information, to be filled out by both parents and notarized. Read all the fine print on this document. It requires you to attach the last three (3) years of taxes and at least six (6) months of pay stubs. (Please remember to edit your Social Security and bank account numbers from these documents. If you file these documents without those numbers being covered, they will become public record and you could be subjecting yourself to possible identify theft).

In the Affidavit of Financial Information, you will outline your current monthly expenses, debts and income. It is understood that these numbers will change upon dissolution (divorce), but the court?s request is for the amount you are spending right now. The courts will analyze your financial position to determine how much child support you (or your spouse) should pay. We recommend that parents omit the taxes and supply the last three pay stubs; these can be produced without becoming part of your court file. The next page is a draft of an Affidavit of Financial Information that needs to be filled out if there are minor children in the marriage. This is a state-required form. You can find it online. (See Appendix D.)


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