Can The Government Give Your Ex Boyfriend Parenting Time With Your Children?

January 8, 2016 Cindy Best

The government, by that I mean the courts, can give your ex boyfriend parenting time with your kids after you break up. Let’s say you lived with your boyfriend for 5 years and then you broke up (for good reasons, I can imagine). Of course, while you were together, he had a nice relationship with your kids and did things that parents tend to do to take care of kids. He cooked, he read to them, he even coached your son’s little league one year. So, after you broke up, you were served with legal papers that said he acted as a parent to your kids and now he wants to spend every other weekend with them until they turn 18. You become hysterical. You then recall that the reason he left you was because he was sleeping with someone else. You panic, you cry, you scream, and then you call a lawyer. You tell them this story and the attorney tells you…yes, it is possible for him to get time with your kids under certain facts situations. Arizona has a statute that absolutely allows him to file his petition. How can this be?

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