Can I have a do it yourself divorce?

Cindy Best

Yes, absolutely. Should you? Maybe not. Why not? Simply put, you do not know what you do not know. Are you aware that there is divorce law? There are rules, statutes, and case law that help determine everyones’ rights in a divorce case. If you don’t know the basic law, you might give away assets that are rightfully yours. Now, don’t get me wrong…you have every right to give up rights that are authorized to you under the law: but do it knowingly. Don’t give up rights and assets accidentally. Don’t give up rights and assets without knowing what that means for your future. Don’t give up rights or assets without a full understanding of what it means. So, by all means, you might be able to have a do it yourself divorce but get some advice somewhere along the way so you are not sorry down the road.

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