Can I Get a Side Salad Instead of Fries?

November 17, 2015 Cindy Best

Think of the last time you went out to eat. Did you look around and see everyone eating the exact same meal? Did everyone have the same hamburger and the same fries with a coke? Unless you were at In and Out Burger the answer is, probably not.

Your law firm should be like a restaurant. You only pay for what you order and you only order what you want. Everyone does not need the same legal services. Some people need help for their divorce and some just need their documents drafted. Some people have an upcoming trial. Some people just want advice. Every client is not the same. Every client does not need to pay the exact same advance fee (retainer) and get the exact same services.

Our law firm will actually allow you to unbundle the legal services and pay for only what you need. You can order off the menu instead of getting the exact same meal as everyone else. We can coach you, meet with you, draft documents for you, mediate or go to court. If you have a divorce or custody case, you might want to find an attorney who can help personalize your needed service. As you consider a family law attorney, maybe you should think about a law firm where you can substitute a salad instead of being stuck with a side of fries.


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