Can I build my own house and drill my own teeth?

August 24, 2021 Cindy Best
People sometimes ask whether they need an attorney to go through their divorce. My answer is the same as the above. Yes, you could possibly do all of the above but what do you want for your outcome? First, to build your own house would take a great deal of education. And to drill your own cavity, you might even have to go to dental school. I am not really sure where you would learn to do that. But if you want to learn to do your own divorce, you can go to and see if our web site answers your questions. But after that, even if you don’t have all your questions answered, you can then call or schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney to answer your specific questions for your specific family. And, even if you have a great deal of information, what about court? Do you have to go? No, you do not. If everything gets all settled, you can just present all documents and have the judge sign them. So, the answer is yes you can do your own divorce. But we can help. It is probably easier than building your own house. But you still need a bit of help so give us a call.


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