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About Bryce Johnson

Bryce Johnson is an associate attorney who graduated from Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. In law school, Bryce interned with the Arizona Department of Education and a Federal Magistrate Judge at the District Court. Additionally, Bryce graduated from ASU with a Sports Law and Business Endorsement and the Highest Distinction for his pro bono work.

Before law school, Bryce lived in North Aurora, IL. He comes from a family of teachers and graduated summa cum laude with a Middle Level Education degree from Illinois State University. Bryce’s background in education allows him to keep your child’s best interests in mind throughout your family law matter.


Background & Accolades

  • Law School: Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, 2018
  • Undergraduate: Illinois State University, Middle-Level Education, 2014, summa cum laude
  • Publications: Please Tell Me You Caught That on Video! Social Media’s Role in the Hazing Problem and Common Sense Solutions to Reduce the Prevalence of Hazing; 39th Volume, University of La Verne Law Review, published in the Fall of 2017.


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Client Reviews


Posted by Tracy October 30, 2020

You must hire Bryce Johnson over any family lawyer in Arizona! Bryce chose to help me when I was in a time of need. I will forever be grateful to him. He was always very kind, caring, supportive and guided me wonderfully throughout my situation. His knowledge, brilliance and clear explanations of the Arizona law lead us to a great win! He is completely authentic, extremely truthful & will always be there to assist you anytime. Bryce is the Lead Attorney for the Best Law Firm. I highly recommend him over any attorney in the state. He is an expert in his field & was always very professional. Actually, I just can’t say enough great things about him. Trust me, save yourself a lot of time & just hire him. You will be totally pleased with your decision.

Andrew S.

Posted by Leslie July 1, 2020

In my experience, Best Law Firm is the clear first choice for those seeking legal help with family law issues in the greater Scottsdale area. Their team of attorneys and staff are highly experienced, and they get results. If your divorce has a lot at stake, you want the best. If you want an attorney who is aggressive and who does not sleep until the work is done, but who can walk you through complex legal issues so that you stay on the same page- this is your firm. In particular, Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Vincent are fantastic. Going forward, I’ll trust this firm without reservation.

William C.

Posted by Leslie July 1, 2020

The team and Best Law Firm are such great people and even better attorneys. They are easy to work with and very professional.

Highly recommend

Posted by Brandi June 27, 2019

Bryce is exceptional, and I am forever grateful he was my attorney involved in keeping my young twin boys safe. We all know that being a lawyer is a lucrative profession, but I never got the feel that Bryce was simply doing it for the money. It started with care. Bryce cared on an individualized level about my case, my sons wellbeing, and my wellbeing. At no point in time was I ever left in the dark about what was going on with my case. It’s as if Bryce was always one step ahead and anticipating my needs before I even knew I had them. He handled everything in a timely manner that exceeded my expectations. My matter involved domestic violence, and it was hard for me to see my ex in the courtroom. Again, anticipating my needs before I had them Bryce was there for my personal wellbeing, made sure I was ok, and accompanied me to my car for safety, things he didn’t have to do but went above and beyond because he cared. The thoroughness and the long, hard hours he spent in preparing all documents for my case showed. As opposed to the opposing attorney, we stood far more prepared in every aspect, not to mention professional, courteous, yet confident. At mediation, Bryce helped me to achieve a plan that not only kept my sons and me safe, but also got to the crux of the matter: ensuring my ex gets the counseling help he needs. I believe Bryce has a great future, and because of Bryce’s help, so do my sons, who are my pride and joy, and I.

An absolute pleasure to work with

Posted by Jeff May 7, 2019

Bryce is a true professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. My custody battle was an experience that can best be described as every parent’s worst nightmare. Bryce, co-counsel David, and their entire staff were fantastic. Bryce was empathetic, and took time to explain my options so we could make the best choice. I really appreciate how dedicated Bryce was to my case, knowing every detail inside and out. Bryce spent many hours making sure we got every detail right as we prepared for our final trial. Bryce’s hard work and dedication paid off. In comparison, we went into our final trial with a 53 page pretrial statement, over 1000 pages of evidence, and supporting testimony and documentation from the Court Appointed Advisor charged with investigating our case. The opposing counsel prepared a 7 page pretrial statement, barely over 100 pages of evidence, with the CAA recommending strong sanctions for mother’s negligent actions. There are many different attorneys to choose from, but when your family’s future is on the line having the peace of mind of an attorney like Bryce in your corner is a blessing. I would highly recommend Bryce Johnson for any family court issue you’re faced with.

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