Brad and Angelina

November 18, 2016 Cindy Best

I do not know anything about their case. I have only read about it on the internet. But I have read that Brad Dad has supervised parenting time. In Arizona, that is severe. It is saved for only the worst of parents. The kind that are drug addicts, violent, domestic violence, or criminals. Not the kind of person that I have read about Brad Dad.  I can feel his pain. He wants his children. He was good enough to be their dad all summer and I am sure he was left alone with them many times over the years. And now suddenly because his wife wants a divorce, he is a dangerous dad? I doubt it from what I have read, but I don’t know the facts.  I just hope that they are not using their kids as weapons or as emotional pawns. I doubt, from what I have read,  whether those children are at risk if Brad Dad takes them to the movies, goes shopping or has them over to the house for a visit or sleepover. In Arizona, parents are not deprived of their children without very, very good cause. I am sure it will all get worked out, for the children’s sake. I don’t know anything about Brad and Angelina and I don’t try and outguess what is going on in California. I just know that custody disputes are painful and drive a wedge between parents and children.


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