Before Your Boat Leaves the Dock

Cindy Best

I was explaining to someone the other day about figuring out what she wanted out of a divorce before she filed. For instance, it is hard to know what you want your life to look like after divorce. But I am pretty sure that it is a lot easier to figure it out before you are in the heat of battle, after the divorce is filed. So, for instance, once you are in the middle of the ocean and have fallen off the boat, is that the time you ask for a lifejacket? Is that the time you ask whether there is a “man overboard” drill to make sure the boat is coming back to pick you up? Once you are thrashing about in the ocean, I think those decisions can be considered a bit too late. So, before you choose to get a divorce, know what it should look like. Get the law and the facts, and before you fall overboard, check out the captain (lawyer) and make sure that he or she knows what to do in case of an emergency. These are decisions you should make on dry land, before your boat leaves the dock.

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