Be Wary of The Lawyer Who Says Never Talk to Anyone But Me

Cindy Best

Believe it or not; sometimes the hardest divorces are difficult to resolve because of the other attorney. You know the type. Right away they instill fear and anxiety in their client. Fear and anxiety tend to blow things up and out of proportion. If you are in fear; you will not be able to make decisions or your expectations might not match the law. So, you might need more legal information (and perhaps a different attorney) so you know what’s what. Most issues in divorce really can be resolved. Arizona is a community property state and statutes detail all the property and debt issues. Even custody is not as much in dispute in Arizona as it might be in other states. Some attorneys tell their clients to never talk to anyone or do anything without checking with them first. Now that sounds like that might be a good idea but it also tends to take power from the client. I like clients to become empowered and to make informed decisions about their life. I give recommendations and risk/reward scenarios but it is the client’s life and they need to make their own decisions after learning about the law. 

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