Be Careful What You Text

February 12, 2019 Cindy Best

There is news about a very famous person being potentially blackmailed with sexts that he sent his girlfriend. By sexts, I mean photos of his private parts. This happens in divorce cases more often than you want to know. So, do not do it. Do not do it. And, there is also the sad case of inadvertently having your minor children see your phone and the “junk” which could lead to criminal charges against the receiving parent. Those criminal charges could be the end of parenting time for the careless parent who is charged with letting a minor see such photos. So, do not take those photos. Do not send those photos. Do not let people send you those photos. Stay out of trouble and do not flirt with this danger. Your phone is not private, so unless you want something on the front page of the paper, do not put it on your phone. The risk is simply not worth it.


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