Baseball Camp

June 22, 2017 Cindy Best

So, your son wants to go to baseball camp and the mother does not want him to go. It is too far away, it is too expensive, she wants him to go to band camp. So, how do you decide and how do you keep it civil when you have joint legal decision making? I once heard a judge say it like this: decide as you did when you were married. How did you decide such things when you were together? You certainly did not call the court, your lawyer, or a parenting coordinator. You did things like talk to you son: what does he want? Is he old enough to decide? Can you afford it? Will he be safe? Can he go to band camp some other time? Can he do both? Does he want to go to band camp? In other words, take all the other emotion and power struggle out of it. That is hard to do but your son will thank you for it. Keep your tone nice when you speak with your former spouse. Practice talking nicely. Put your son front and center and decide strictly on his point of view. He only has one childhood, make it happy and peaceful.


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