Are You Going to Be Just Another Number?

Cindy Best

Have you ever been to the post office where you pick a number and wait your turn? Sure they’re busy, you understand. But really you just want some service. During the holidays, you might stand there for a really, really long time. And finally your number is called and it’s your turn! You are relieved someone is finally helping you but you feel like nothing more than a number.

If your attorney makes you feel like you are at the post office, you might consider going somewhere else. You should not be waiting and waiting for help nor should you ever feel like you are just a number. Some attorneys might make you feel that way. Good lawyers care about you and your family. Some lawyers know a lot of law but you might get the feeling that you just a number, so no matter how bright the attorney, doesn’t it matter to you if they care about you?

Do you like your attorney? Just remember, going to an attorney firm should not feel like the post office.

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