Domestic Violence Month: After You Get Your Order Of Protection

October 28, 2016 Cindy Best

If you have gone to court and received your Order of Protection, the other side might ask for a hearing. If they do, do not be alarmed. That just means that they want to go tell a Judge their story, oftentimes without understanding the law. You need to consider hiring an attorney to go to the hearing with you. It usually lasts 45 minutes and each side has time to go on the witness stand and be asked questions on direct and cross examination. The judge then decides if you have met your burden to show that you are afraid or have reason to fear for your safety. Once you have the order, it needs to be served. Then remember, the order does not necessarily keep you safe. If the other party violates the Order of Protection, you need to consider calling the police. If you can, you need to consider getting the advice of an experienced family law attorney.


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